Link Engine Management Force GDI G4+ ECU

Link Engine Management Force GDI G4+ ECU

Johnson's Performance Centre

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The Force GDI is our first ECU built specially to control Gasoline Direct Injection engines.

As well as full GDI control, the Force GDI offers on-board digital wideband, E-throttle control, high voltage injector and high pressure fuel pump management, plus all the other features you have come to expect from one of Link's world leading ECU's.
The Force GDI is running on our proven Link G4+ platform, so you know it is going to work right out of the box.



8/10* x Digital inputs
4 x Temperature inputs
11 x Analog inputs
2 x Trigger inputs
2 x Knock inputs
*2 inputs required when using 2nd CAN Bus


4 x High voltage injector drivers (60V 10/5A Peak/Hold Current).
4 x Ignition drivers
10 x Auxiliary outputs
+5V Sensor power supply
+8V Sensor power supply


2 x Thirty four pin, waterproof connectors
1 x CAN bus
1 x Serial (RS232) connection
1 x USB tuning connection


1x Ethrottle controller
Onboard wideband lambda controller
Onboard barometric pressure sensor
32Mb (4 MByte) of logging memory
Trigger scope hardware
Runs on PC Link software
Uses G4+ Motorsport, Logging and
CAN features

All Link ECU's (Engine Control Units) are 100% New Zealand designed and developed. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty so if your ECU breaks in the normal course of its designed use then we'll repair or replace, no questions asked.