Nissan RB30 performance

ViPec EFI systems
Available both as a complete wire in loom or as a plug-in board using the standard computer case.

N1 replacement billet oil pump gears
Suitable for any Nissan RB series engine: $370 each

Aluminium rocker cover spacer plate
$350 each

Roller rockers
These are of far superior quality and design and have been tested with much success. Please note that fitment of these rockers will require modifications to a standard valve cover: $1590.

Adjustable standard rockers
$440 (change over)

High volume sump
We are now stocking high quality high volume RB30 sumps. Anodised finish: $795 (trade enquiries welcome).

Inlet manifolds
To suit both VL Commodore and LC/LJ Torana.
Cast alloy inlet manifold: $1,175

Fuel rail kit
These rails are made to suit our cast inlet manifolds and include fuel fittings and mounting brackets

Custom exhaust manifolds

Steel H-beam conrods

Ross Metal Jacket Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers

Adjustable cam wheels

Please note that all prices include GST.

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