Anderson backs it up at Glenroy

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Justin and Owen Anderson have backed up their 2010 Glenroy Plains Enduro win with a victory again at the 2011 Glenroy Plains Enduro. The son and father team drove their Tatum Pro Buggy #75 to the maximum all weekend, finishing the 350km event 47 seconds in front.

“Glenroy is a fantastic location for an off road race. We’ve been there twice now and it throws up the best racing conditions of any track” commented Owen Anderson. “It was the most intense racing between cars that we’ve ever been involved with. The initial tussle with Hedge (John Hederics) was great fun, and then being chased down by the Haby brothers, well that really got the adrenalin pumping.”

Owen continued with, “Justin couldn’t have driven any faster. He was driving on the edge all weekend and did a fantastic job to keep the Tatum on the track. All in all it was a great weekend.”

The Pro Buddy is powered by a JPC prepared Nissan VQ35 turbo application.