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Roe Motorsport ARC Round 3

Round 3 of the Bosch Australian Rally Championships was held in the Imbil forest North West of Caloundra on May 26/27 with teams gathered from across Australia and the world to pit their skills at the International Rally Of Queensland. Competitors in the Australian Pacific Rally Championship shared the event attracting drivers of the calibre of Alistair McCrae, Chris Atkinson as well as manufacturer teams of Proton, Citroen and Skoda. The Roe Motorsport Team travelled north hopeful of a top five finish in this round of the ARC 2WD Championship and to gain an insight to the Qld event to help them better prepare for the 2013 season. The outcomes were very pleasing and the Roe Motorsport Team came away with a podium finish in what proved to be a challenging event for Driver, Co-Driver and Service Crew.

The Roe Motorsport Team have now improved their outright standings in the 2012 Bosch Australian Rally Championship with the team currently positioned:

  • 3rd Outright 2WD
  • 2nd Privateers Cup
  • 2nd P4 (over 2000cc turbo-charged)

The car is now undergoing preparations for Round 4 of the Bosch Australian Rally Championship at Scouts Rally in the Barossa Valley July 27-29.

The International Rally of Queensland will be televised on National TV on the Channel TEN network & Channel ONE in the coming weeks so lookout for the Roe Motorsport Team Entry sporting the number 27 .

  • Sat 16 June 12.00pm Network Ten
  • Sun 17 June 12.30pm ONE
  • Wed 20 June 11.00am ONE
  • Fri 22 June 12.30am ONE

Roe Motorsport ARC Round 1

By Roe Motorsport

Let the fun begin. The Bosch Australian Rally Championships kicked off this month with the inaugural staging of Rally Calder near Melbourne. Teams gathered after a week of heavy rain to pit their skills in an “urban” rally environment where all sections of the Calder Park complex were utilised in some form to provide excitement for competitors and spectators. The event was unique in that it catered for off-road competitors (ARC – 4WD, 2WD, SxS, Classics) as well as tarmac teams (Drift, Tarmac Rally). Organisers did a great job in keeping all the stages synchronised and challenging. The Roe Motorsport Team are more akin to racing through bush settings so the opportunity to launch their rally car at warp speeds around the Calder Thunderdome embankment was truly an unexpected pleasure. Alan was also able to relive his days of racing Holden HQ’s at Calder when some of the ARC stages included a portion of the Calder main track.

Overall the Roe Motorsport Team have made a strong impression on the 2012 Bosch Australian Rally Championship with the team currently positioned:

5th Outright 2WD
3rd Privateers Cup
2nd P4 Class (over 2000cc turbo-charged)

The car is now undergoing preparations for its next outing at Rally Queensland May 26-27.

VRC 2011 round 5

Congratulations to Alan Roe and Ray Farrell who finished first in the 2WD class in their Nissan 200SX after competing in seven competitive stages, including an arena special stage in front of rally spectators. Alan is sponsored by JPC.

Round 5 of the Victoria Rally Championship (Rally Victoria) was held at Warragul on Nov 12
• Alan Roe (Driver) and Ray Farrell (Co-Driver) finished 1st in the 2WD Class in their Nissan 200SX after competing in seven competitive stages – including an arena special stage in front of rally spectators .

After the final round (Rally Victoria) of the 2011 Victorian Rally Championships the championship points have now been tallied with the following results:

Alan Roe
o 1st Clubman Category – Driver
o 2nd 2WD Outright Driver (finished equal points with championship winner – but relegated to 2nd on a count back of individual heats won).
o 2nd P4 (2000cc turbo-charged) – Driver

Ray Farrell
o 1st 2WD Outright Co-Driver
o 1st Clubman Category – Co-Driver
o 1st P4 (2000cc turbo-charged) – Co-Driver

The pair will be presented with their Victorian State Titles at a ceremony in January.

The year has been a fantastic result for the pair as they have both worked hard to develop the car and their Rally Racecraft. Both have distinguished careers in off road motorbike desert racing and are now learning to combine their efforts to build the teamwork and trust to negotiate the bush terrain in a modified car capable of 240km/hr. They have pitted their skill against other rally teams with over 30 years of experience and have featured well in the championship outcomes. The year was off to a shaky start with a crash in the first round at East Gippsland seeing the car return at the end of the day with only one wheel left intact to steer the car – amazingly they completed the two final stages of the heat in this condition. The pair later went on to received some coaching from World Rally Championship Competitors – Brendan Reeves & Rhianon Smyth which then saw the Roe/Farrell Team achieve their first heat win at Alexandra.

Plans are now underway to prepare for the 2012 Rally season with them set to take on the National competition in the Australian Rally Championship. The first round will be held at Victoria’s Calder Park on March 1-4:

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Anderson backs it up at Glenroy

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Justin and Owen Anderson have backed up their 2010 Glenroy Plains Enduro win with a victory again at the 2011 Glenroy Plains Enduro. The son and father team drove their Tatum Pro Buggy #75 to the maximum all weekend, finishing the 350km event 47 seconds in front.

“Glenroy is a fantastic location for an off road race. We’ve been there twice now and it throws up the best racing conditions of any track” commented Owen Anderson. “It was the most intense racing between cars that we’ve ever been involved with. The initial tussle with Hedge (John Hederics) was great fun, and then being chased down by the Haby brothers, well that really got the adrenalin pumping.”

Owen continued with, “Justin couldn’t have driven any faster. He was driving on the edge all weekend and did a fantastic job to keep the Tatum on the track. All in all it was a great weekend.”

The Pro Buddy is powered by a JPC prepared Nissan VQ35 turbo application.

International Rally of Queensland 2011

This was to be Berry Brothers Motorsport’s first rally in the ARC and a chance to qualify for the Australian Junior Challenge (RAJC) to run at Rally Australia in September. With months of preparation leading up to the event the Victorian team knew this was their best chance to qualify for the final and get the chance to win the title of 2011 RAJC Champion.

After a long 1700km drive from Melbourne to Caloundra the team arrived on Tuesday and started preparations for the event, with race and pre-event scrutineering on Thursday, and the first competitive stages on Friday night.

The event opened with the Caloundra Shootout, a 2.26km Special Stage set in Caloundra’s industrial park. This gave the public a chance to see the cars in action under lights and to meet the teams.

On Saturday competition moved out to the forest stages around Imbil. After taking multiple stage wins in the RAJC field at the end of Saturday the Berry Brothers were sitting in a close second place to Tristen Kent. A close encounter with a tree on the second stage of the day left the car looking worse for wear and missing its rear bumper. Mechanically the car was fine though and the pair continued on their pursuit of 1st place in the RAJC.

Saturday night brought the competition back to the Caloundra Shootout stage where front runner Tristen Kent pushed his luck too far and crashed his car leaving it unrepairable. Berry Brothers Motorsport had now moved into 1st position with Queensland competitor Luke page chasing them in second place.

Sunday saw the teams return to the forest for the final day of competition. Of the 92 entrants that started the rally over 30 had already retired. The challenge for the brothers was to stay ahead of Luke Page and secure the win. By the 3rd stage on Sunday Dane and Nathan had created and unbeatable lead in the RAJC field. With the only challenge left being the longest stage of the rally, the infamous Big Derrier, almost 35km of fast, technical and rough terrain through the forest, the pair had to hold it together and make it to the finish line. By the end of the stage the brothers had not only secured first place in the RAJC but also set the 5th fastest time outright against the entire ARC field.

Returning to the service park for the award ceremony, Dane and Nathan had earned 1st place RAJC and an outstanding 6th place in the outright ARC results. For a team to finish 6th in their first ARC event is an incredible effort and one that left many people pay attention to what the future holds for this young team.

The pair also received the Kumho Rising Star award, which is given to the RAJC team with the most outstanding performance. By taking 1st place Berry Brothers Motorsport have secured their place at the RAJC final to be held at Rally Australia in September, which is round 10 of the World Rally Championship. The team now move their focus to Scouts Rally SA in July.

Berry Brothers Motorsport would like to thank all its partners, Yarra Valley 4WD, Eastside Mitsubishi, Form a sign, Johnsons Performance Centre, Castrol & 99r Brake Pads.